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Headscratchers: Conker's Bad Fur Day
  • Why did the Panther King go through all the trouble of finding a Squirrel in order to put said Squirrel under his table when he could have just had the Professor just fix the table?
    • Because he's just as much a ditz as everyone else in the game. Why the Professor HIMSELF didn't just whip out a block of wood is beyond me, though..
      • Eh, I figured the Professor was just trying to distract the Panther King through the use of a wild goose chase (or a wild squirrel chase in this case) to give him time to prepare his Tediz. Luckily for the Professor, the PK was gullible enough to believe him.
  • How does the New War of Live and Reloaded relate to the war seen in Bad Fur Day?
    • The game gives a really tacky Hand Wave about it in the booklet... something about time travel and a night out and Milk Wars or... something. I don't know either, but it doesn't fit well at all. =<
  • Did they ever explain the origin of those "Possessed Dolls" in the remake of the original game?
  • What's up with the mystery squirrel trapped by zombies in the dining room during the "Spooky" chapter? I don't know if it's possible to save her, but apparently the zombies stop attacking her when you enter the dining room en route to retrieve a key. Then said mystery squirrel dives off a cliff. Most people don't even notice this the first time they play through the game. Is there any reason why the designers put such a random and incredibly minor event in this level?
    • I think it's just to add to the "creepy" theme in that level. A sort of homage to the idiot Innocent Bystanders in all those old horror flicks.
  • There's a dialogue bungle at the end of the 'Bats' chapter, after recovering the Catfish's money and exiting the safe, Conker is told the money only tallied in at $10, he replies with "I thought you said it was a fortune". At no point in the previous conversations is the money referred to as a fortune; 'valuable belongings' is mentioned, however.
    • Considering the safe itself and the catfishes' snooty attitude, it would be reasonable to expect it to be a fortune.
  • How does- Sunflower- King Bee- Oh, never mind.
  • Why did they never release Twelve Tales? Many people believe that that would have been a good, fun platformer. But, they released that GB game instead. Why don't they remake Twelve Tales?
    • Conker's reputation, as well as his criminal record, have probably been soiled for good by now.
  • Why does the Little Girl have you destroy the submarines when she's going to kill you anyway, and the submarines would actually be more helpful if you didn't get rid of them all?
    • They weren't her side's submarines. They fire on what looks like an enemy tank, and vice versa. They were there to destroy the Tediz secret weapon, and she needed someone to destroy them without exposing said weapon.
      • Those were Tediz in the submarines. Are you trying to say that they wanted to destroy their own weapon?
      • Maybe she was an experimental weapon gone terribly wrong and they were trying to kill her before she went on a rampage. Hey, it's not like anyone else is coming up with ideas.
      • She told Conker to get the submarines as she thought they would destroy him; she wasn't expecting Conker to succeed (really, who would've have foresaw that he would pull out a rocket launcher out of thin air and blow the Subs to smithereens?)
  • Earth to Conker, you have a GRIM REAPER. Have GREGG bring back Berri.
    • Berri probably doesn't have the same privileges of "extra lives" like Conker does.
    • Not gunna happen. Gregg says that only squirrels get extra lives. Berri is a chipmunk.
    • Red Squirrels to be exact.
    • Conker's also not exactly on friendly terms with Gregg. Same with cats. He hates those things.
    • If anyone is still looking for a way to believe Berri could come back this way, though, note that Gregg admitted that (red) squirrels "get as many lives as they think they can get away with." He never said that the squirrel in question had to use those lives itself! Seems like just the kind of loophole exploit that Conker's crapsack world would force Gregg into grudgingly accepting.
      • Nope. Red Squirrel lives only get used when a red squirrel dies for the red squirrel. Berry is NOT a red squirrel of any sort, so the lives addendum doesn't work and there is no loophole to use, even if he used his on her. It'd serve no point.
    • I have a hard time believing that Berri's death is permanent. Between all the crazy crap Dr. Kripelspac invents, the supernatural creatures present (vampires, zombies, and Gregg), as well as the general craziness of the world they inhabit, it seems like Conker, especially with an entire kingdom at his disposal, should be able to find a way to bring her back. Hell, if the Tediz win in Live and Reloaded's multiplayer, they bring back the Panther King.
    • They were going to bring her back in the planned sequel, but since that game was scrapped, she'll probably stay dead.
  • Why is the mouse alive and in one piece at the end of the game?
    • You can see he's stitched up and patchy. He's pretty much a mouse version of Frankensetin's Monster now.

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