Awesome / Conker's Bad Fur Day

  • The end of It's War. Sure part of it's a mockery but the Sergeant Rock says more about it in half a minute than Spec Ops: The Line ever could. Quoted below as Sarge and Conker look over the battlefield they're retreating from.
    Sarge: Oh, you're awake. Come over here boy. Come take a look at this.
    Conker: War's a terrible thing you know.
    Sarge: You're right there. All these fine men, sent off to do the dying, when those bigwigs, those pen pushers, the guys who never ever see a single bullet whizz past their heads. We wanna get them down here. Those so called generals in their big fancy houses. Twenty miles behind enemy lines. Who are they to tell us? Who are they indeed? Look at that. What a sight.