Video Game / Super Robot Wars NEO

Super Robot Wars NEO (Sūpā Robotto Taisen NEO) is the first and only Nintendo Wii Super Robot Wars title released on October 2009 and is the Spiritual Successor to Super Robot Wars GC, utilizing the same 3D scheme during battle animations.

This game has a couple of firsts:

1) This game marks the first time in franchise history that places focus solely on Super Robots, with the closest thing to a Real Robot representative being Mobile Fighter G Gundam.

2) It also marks a first for the franchise as a whole: rather than use the usual grid-based movement system seen in almost every Turn-Based Strategy, a radial-based method is introduced. This would later be reused for Super Robot War OE.

3) With the inclusion of Shippu! Iron Leaguer, NEO is also the first instance where a non-combat oriented Humongous Mecha series is introduced into the Super Robot Wars franchise.

Series listing for NEO (debuting series are highlighted in bold):

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