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David and I discovered that we had a question in common, and that was, "Why hasn't anybody built any computer games for little girls?" Why is that? It can't just be a giant sexist conspiracy, you know — these people aren't that smart.

Hm-hm-hm... (giggles) Purple Moon! For girls in the late 1990's, that intro, complete with a winking animated moon, heralded the start of something big.

Purple Moon was a software manufacturer whose two launch titles, alongside Barbie Fashion Designer, launched the "Girl Games Movement" in 1998 after years of research into why little girls who liked games were only given either unplayable crap or games that were marketed towards boys, which were good, but which had an undercurrent of "this is not for you". Whereas Barbie was the figurehead of "pink games", games that focused on fashion and unicorns and things that adults arbitrarily decided that girls liked, Rockett Movado, Purple Moon's own flagship character, became the go-to mascot for "purple games", which focused on what girls themselves said they liked.

The company was very popular, with advertisements everywhere, parents, reviewers, and sociologists talking about the games, and plenty of visits to the website. However, for one reason or another, Purple Moon crashed, was bought out by Mattel, and died an undignified death, taking the girl games movement with it. You'll still see it pop up on 90's nostalgia blogs, though. Unfortunately, the girl games movement did make a massive comeback. Several girls only games such as Teen Digital Diva, Disney Princess, iCarly, Victorious, Winx Club, Littlest Pet Shop (2012), Style Savvy, My World, My Way, Let's Talk About Me! CD-ROM, Let's Talk About Me! Too, Imagine, Zenses, Girl Talk: The CD-ROM Game of Truth or Dare, Girl's Club: The Fantasy Dating Game, Nancy Drew, Giana Sisters, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, everGirl, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Mary-Kate & Ashley, Charm Girls Club, Disney Infinity (even though half of the action figures are marketed towards tween girls), Take Five, Pinkalicious, Glitter & Gloss: Total Style Makeover, My Little Pony, Diva Girls, The Little Mermaid, My Ballet Studio, Spice World: The Video Game Starring the Spice Girls, JumpStart, Style Lab, Poupee Girl and American Girl marked the revival of the girl games movement as of 2016.

Purple Moon's games all focused on one class of girls in a single junior high school, separated into three different "series".

Rockett's World

A Visual Novel series, though instead of still screens with dialogue boxes, the story was told in cinematics — sort of; still screens were played with voices without the player moving pieces along. Choices were made by picking one of three {{Floating Advice R