Video Game: Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Conflict Of Interest

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Conflict of Interest is a (still-in-progress) fangame based on the Ace Attorney series.

This game takes place a year and a half after the events of Apollo Justice. Phoenix has retaken the bar exam and gotten his attorney's badge back. With his former assistant, Maya Fey, back at his side, he finds himself involved with a series of cases, all apparently connected to each other.

Phoenix also faces a new court rival, Obadiah Williamson, a veteran prosecutor who takes his job very seriously. He hates both criminals and defense attorneys and seems to hold a grudge against Wright, despite never having met him.

Can Nick unmask this conspiracy of lies, forgery, and betrayal? Or will he too become corrupted by it?

Currently, there are three and a half of cases available to play. More information and download links can be found here.

Fuandon does a Let's Play of the game here.Shitaki08 also does a Let's Play of the game here.

This Fan Game provides examples of:

  • Alternate Continuity: This game takes place in an alternate universe to official Dual Destinies. However, the branching point is set somewhere back from the current events, with the disappearance of Pearl Fey.
  • Arc Words: Five years ago.
  • Art Evolution: Should become quite obvious, if you compare author's earlier sprites (made primarily from various elements of already existing characters) with new ones, done completely from scratch. He even went as far as to hire professional artists from deviantART for cutscene images.
  • Big Bad: Francisco Mendirez is shaping up to be one.
  • Calling Card: Whenever members of the Rivales Family want to send someone a message, they leave a card with a bear emblem on their crime scenes.
    • Sir Gallante's sign is also a specific example.
  • Courtroom Antics: As expected from a Phoenix Wright game.
  • Easter Eggs: Visiting the Police Station at specific points in game may lead to stumbling upon some interesting individuals like inspector Chelmey and constable Barton from Professor Layton or Lynne and Missile from Ghost Trick.
  • Family Disunion: The Fey Clan Reunion resulted in an attempted assassination of Maya Fey, the current Master of Kurain, with another family member landing on the defendant's chair... before it even began!
  • Flashback Nightmare: Phoenix suffers from one of those at the beginning of Case 4.
  • Gory Discretion Shot: Sir Gallante’s killings are rather brutal for an Ace Attorney game, although game refuses to directly show you any of his victims’ bodies. But then, go and read again the detailed autopsy report of Michael Rivales and try to imagine how his corpse must've look like.
  • Jurisdiction Friction: Occurs in Case 3 between the LAPD and FBI.
  • Left Hanging: Case 1 intentionaly ends with some plot threads waiting to be resolved in the next cases.
  • Mini-Game: Putting together pieces of a broken gun. With super glue!
  • Mood Whiplash: Turnabout on the Web is especially guilty of this. At first we have a case full of TakeThats and shoutouts to Ace Attorney community, internet trolls, and rabid fanboys... and then, on the second day of investigation, we go to the Criminal Affairs. It gets worse from there.
  • Out of Order: Case 1 (called also Case 0) was released AFTER Case 2 and 3. Word of God says that this case had been initially cut off, as it had almost nothing to do with the main plot. However, while working on Case 3, the author decided that it might be a good idea to throw it back in and rewrite some parts of the plot, so now it fits with the other cases.
    • It also gave Trucy some screen time in the courtroom.
  • Playing Pictionary:
    • Wright has a hard time with interpreting a picture drawn by Maya for a Fey Clan Reunion flier:
    Phoenix: Why is the Pink Princess strangling that man?
    Maya: That's not the Pink Princess! That's me!
    Trucy: And she isn't strangling anyone...
    Phoenix: Sorry, my mistake.
    • It happens also with the aforementioned Calling Card, as almost nobody can recognize a bear on it.
  • Police Are Useless: Actually a major plot point in Case 3.
  • Punny Name: Rivales Family's hitlist includes such names like Leroy Jenkins and Albert Hawking.
  • Title Drop: Happens a lot in Case 4.
  • Trophy Wall: Phoenix and Maya have keepsakes from all the past cases placed on a wall in the Wright's Agency. note