Shout Out / Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Conflict Of Interest

  • Phoenix gets very emotional while watching final scenes of Return of the Jedi.
  • Presenting a wrong piece of evidence during cross-examination in A Turnabout Is Worth a Thousand Words will result in the following gem:

    Wright: I object to this testimony!
    Judge: You do? Why?
    Judge: Overruled!
    Wright: Good call!
  • Sir Gallante appears to share some traits with known superheroes like for example Batman (he performs buliding swings and is a dark knight after all) and The Punisher (he actually kills the criminals that he fights and his iconic symbol is a skull.)
  • Morton Dreisan, the police coroner makes a cheesy joke about the deceased in the CSI: Miami style:

    Morton: It was a single bullet, straight to the cerebral cortex!
    ...I suppose you might say... that he "lost his mind"...!
  • The sender of the email on the woman's computer is
  • Conversations with Gladys Porter are usually full of various references:

    Gladys: Well, OBVIOUSLY it's because I'm the very best reporter ever.
    Phoenix: The very best...
    Gladys: Yeah! ... Like no reporter ever was!

    Phoenix: My quest... my goal is to find the truth, no matter what it may be.
    Phoenix: No snarky comebacks?
    Gladys: The truth IS out there. You're not the only one who wants to find it.
    Phoenix: Yeah, well my truth doesn't involve whatever they're holding at Area 51.
  • In Turnabout Consequences, when Phoenix asks about Bikini's relationship with the Fey Family:

    Phoenix: So, how exactly is Bikini related to you?
    Phoenix: She's part of the Fey clan, so there must be some relation, right?
    Pearl: Oh...? I don't know.
    Phoenix (thinking): Father's brother's nephew's cousin's former roommate, perhaps? Would somebody else know the answer to this?

  • In Finnegan Hood’s house there’s an advertisement on TV that goes Everyday's great at your Junes!
  • In one optional dialogue with Dreisan, Phoenix mentions Marvin Grossberg being murdered at Verglas Bridge, which suggests that this game may take place in a Shared Universe with The Contempt of Court.