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Video Game: Kairo
Kairo is a puzzle game by Richard Perrin (One of the designers behind the white chamber).

Kairo is a world opened for exploration, seemingly completely void of all life except the player themselves - there are some strange floating runes to be found as well.

The website can be found here. Not to be confused with the Japanese film of the same name. Or even the capital of Egypt (that's Cairo).


  • Go Mad from the Isolation: After solving enough puzzles, you come across some sort of observation room with a skeleton at the desk and some very startling words engraved into the arm of the stone chair.
  • Hint System
  • Minimalism
  • Moon Logic Puzzle: If you finish the game without once having to look at all three of a puzzle's hints, and without then smacking your forehead over the stupidity of either yourself or the puzzle...give yourself a cookie.
  • Nothing Is Scarier: The trailer took this route.
    • The game in general takes this route. The most noise you can expect to hear while playing is the whirring of mechanisms operating, the footsteps of the player character, the static of the occasional monitor/screen you come across, and the sudden and rather loud gong noise that sounds when you solve a puzzle.
  • Ruins for Ruins' Sake
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