Video Game / Ethnic Cleansing

Ethnic Cleansing is a 2002 First-Person Shooter developed and published by Resistance Records, a record label owned by the white supremacist/neo-Nazi group National Alliance. Without even seeing it, one can probably make an educated guess as to its content just from that description, and not be that far off. In this game, you play as a Nazi skinhead or a Klansman who goes on a rampage through the ghetto and the subway, murdering black Gang Bangers (who make monkey and ape noises), Latinos (who are dressed like banditos and say "I need to take a siesta" when shot), and Jews (who are dressed like Hasidim incarnate and shout "oy vey!" when shot). Boss battles include fights against the "Big Nig" (yes, he's actually called that) and Ariel Sharon, who leads a plot for Jewish world domination.

Yeah. It's that kind of game. It indulges in over-the-top racial stereotypes as a means of spreading the message of its developers... which is really the only thing noteworthy about it, as much of its gameplay content is rather rough around the edges, to say the least. It can be seen in action here, warts and all.

In 2003, Resistance Records released a Spiritual Successor called White Law, in which one plays as a white cop who goes postal after multiculturalism turns his city into a Gangsterland. They followed this up with ZOG's Nightmare 1 and 2 note , in which you "take America back" from Jewish domination.

For another game created by White supremacists and Neo-Nazis where you must exterminate the "lesser races", albeit in a greater scale, see KZ Manager.