Video Game / City of Titans

City of Titans is a superhero MMORPG funded by Kickstarter, designed as a Spiritual Successor to City of Heroes, and developed by Missing Worlds Media.

Here's its Kickstarter page, and the page for the game itself.

City of Titans contains examples of the following tropes:

  • Character Customization: It wouldn't be a proper successor to City of Heroes without it.
  • City of Adventure: Titan City, of course.
  • Cyber Punk: The ePunk Radicals group fits this trope, being cybernetically enhanced hackers. The Black Roses fit this trope to a certain degree with their cybernetic augments although they are far from punks.
  • Hero Does Public Service: Titan City has a lot of heroes that do this. Considering how it's a city famous for superhumans and their antics, this isn't surprising.
  • Hero with Bad Publicity: So far a young tech hero named Topaz has fallen prey to this, being framed by the Black Roses for the death of a undercover police officer. He is fighting against it despite being in a really bad spot.
  • Kill It with Fire: The Pyrebands.
  • Spiritual Successor: Of City of Heroes, it's even their plan to make it feel as much like the original as possible.
  • Super Hero: Presumably what the Player Characters will be, unless they're a Super Villain.
  • Necromancer: So far the Barons enemy group are described as a voodoo version of this trope both in-universe and in lore pieces.
  • Nineties Anti-Hero: The backstory mentions these appearing during the nineties before Hurricane Atlas happened. A Player Character can be one themselves if they so choose.
  • Prison: A superhuman prison named Hardlock is mentioned a lot. One can assume judging by how feared it is that it's a Hellhole Prison that has elements of The Alcatraz. More information needed....
  • Shout-Out: Considering this is a successor to City of Heroes this should be expected.....
  • Steam Punk: The Aether Pirates
  • Super Serum: Chasers are a highly addictive drug that gives the abuser fire powers. The first appearance of this drug was when a esteemed football player decided to use it with the assumption that it would improve his performance. Instead he ended up nearly incinerating an opposing player which created a scandal for Titan City, getting him vilified by the media, and getting his football career destroyed. He ended up becoming Skullcharred, leader of The Pyrebands gang whom all routinely abuse this drug.
    • There is a very prominent hero team named The Paragons,
    • Chaser drugs sound similar to Superdyne which was used by members of the Trolls gang, and Excelsior which was used by members of the Freakshow gang. On top of that the cartel for this drug is being run by a mafia like group (The Black Roses) just like The Family running the drug business behind Superdyne....
    • The Atlas 33, a superhuman team of both heroes and villains, held the line against a twisted villain named Cumulus Rex whom was using Hurricane Atlas to tear apart Titan City in 1998. Atlas 33 is a reference to the final hours of City of Heroes where many Player Characters did a stake out across 33 instances of Atlas Park.
    • Recently there has been unveiled group that is simply named The Regency. The Regency seems to be somewhat inspired by the Circle of Thorns backstory wise.
    • Made even worse in recent updates as The Tarot, a group of villains that are known for killing heroes were called in to frame him even further on his trial no less...
  • The Mafia: The Black Rose gang is a cybernetically enhanced group of this.