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Socrathetic is a student of narrative theory, currently attending New College of Florida. He is genre savvy by nature and could already figure out the little quirks and conventions in the fictional arts long before TV Tropes could get to him; this website just provided him with names and terms with which to associate them. In other words, TVTropes did not ruin his life, merely increased his vocabulary. (Granted, this tends to backfire.)

Socrathetic uses TV Tropes as a storyboard of sorts, as well as a springboard for research (he finds this place much easier to navigate than you-know-what). He also struggles with a very obsessive habit of reading various Horror Tropes in the dead of night (a favorite being Eldritch Abominations). Never used to be much for getting scared as a thrill. He's turning into his dear old mother, it seems...

Upon discovering You Know You Read Too Much TVTropes When he was pleasantly horrified, if you'll forgive the oxymoron, to find that he's a textbook example of #15—both parts. In fact, reading it evoked a similarly textbook reaction.

Most recently, Socrathetic has discovered The Thirty-Six Stratagems, and is now taking great delight in devising methods of use in his various stories. He may end up creating the next Sousuke Aizen at this rate...

Has a number of unhealthy obsessions, including pink hats, the Mauser C96, and fictional villainy in all its many forms.



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