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I'm a troper in his early 20s from Washington State. Soon to graduate college, majoring in Communications/Journalism with a minor in Web Development. Loves video games, science fiction, mysteries, figuring out how stuff works and chocolate. Recently got into Game Modding and proved to be decent at it.


  • "I'm sorry, buuuut..."
  • "It's like that, but no."
  • Mathematician's Answer
  • Swearing, constantly.
  • "No, really?"
  • "In other news..."

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     Rules of the Caravan Wastes 
  • 1. Patrolling the Mojave will make you wish for a Nuclear Winter. No exceptions.
  • 2. Double Tap
  • 3. When going into Deathclaw Territory, bring heavy weapons
  • 4. Arcade Lies, Badly.
  • 5. 5.56 is just 7.62 set to stun.
    • 5A Even stun has valid applications. -pvtnum11
  • 6. Beware of BIIIIIG MOUNTAIN!
  • 7. Don't fuck with the man who delivers your mail.
  • 8. Be careful when dating male ghouls, their knees are weak and their flesh is decayed.
  • 9. Whiskey makes a delicious anitseptic.
    • 9A. Vodka makes a horrid-tasting antiseptic, cleans and degreases parts, removes Duct Tape residue and takes out the bloodstains from your clothes. -pvtnum11
  • 10. You can never have too much ammo.
    • 10A. You CAN have too much explosives. -pvtnum11
  • 11. Make sure you can draw faster than your enemy.
  • 12. NCR may be boring but they have an education system when you want to settle down and have kids.
  • 13. Don't enslave my friends.
  • 14. Don't fuck over my friends.
  • 15. Don't fuck my friends with out their permission.
  • 16. Don't feed the Yao Guai.
    • 16A. Ammunition is not considered feed, so be liberal in applying it. -pvtnum11
  • 17. Don't feed the Yaoi Fangirls. Turn their fists into gauntlets.
  • 18. Your pistol is just your weapon to get back to your rifle, USUALLY.
  • 19. Energy Weapons may be cool, but projectile ammo is more common.
  • 20. Explosives are good. Just know how to use 'em.
  • 21. Wear a rubber, Pennicillin is rare in the wasteland.
  • 22. Befriend people from Vault City. They can replace limbs.
  • 23. Reading is good for you. You might learn something useful.
  • 24. Travel in groups. The wasteland can kill solo wanderers.
  • 25. Knowledge is power.
  • 26. Resist the urge to shoot someone for being annoying. They may have well connected friends.
  • 27. Raiders accept no surrenders.
  • 28. Geckos may be cute. They are also lethal.
  • 29. If it breathes fire, you want nothing to do with it.
  • 30. The exception to rule 29 is if its a robot and you control it OR its a weapon and you OWN it.
  • 31. Don't travel the wastes naked. Geckos will get you. Also horny raiders. - Mukora & Sirboulevard
  • 32. If you see a Cazadore: RUN!!!
    • 32a. If you can't run, SHOOT IT IN THE WINGS!!! -Rmctagg09
  • 33. Remember that the Legion consists primarily of teenagers. Kids can be evil.
  • 34. If it existed pre-war there was porn of it, possibly not now. If it exists post-war there is porn of it. Check Westside pawnshop.
  • 35. Take Boone. - Spirit
  • 36. When dealing with House, remember. A Man Chooses. - Spirit
  • 37. Don't believe the name, that Blind Deathclaw can see you and it wants to eat you. - Spirit
  • 38: The Colorado has border control on the Arizona side. It's called DEATHCLAWS. -Rmctagg09
  • 39: Deathclaws, mercifully, cannot swim. -Rmctagg09
  • 40: Don't bother trying to kill the dork in a blue jumpsuit. -Eternal Noob
  • 41. The Surgeon General has determined that Sneaking has been proven to prolong your lifespan. -pvtnum11
  • 42. The Surgeon General strongly cautions against smoking centuries-old cigarettes. -pvtnum11
  • 43. Armor classes can be categorized thusly: -Spirit
    • Light Armor: I need to get somewhere and get there fast!
    • Medium Armor: I don't have Heavy Armor. Alternatively: Hi, I'm an NCR Ranger. Prepare to die.
    • Heavy Armor: I AM BULLETPROOF!
    • Power Armor: I am become Death, destroyer of worlds.

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