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Formerly known as Shadow Bender. !!!! 

I'm 20 year old Nigerian male, a Systems Engineering University student (in my 3rd year as of this time of writing). Used to be known as Shadow Bender on the forums. I'm also a Music Producer/DJ and a small-time Manga artist. Nicknames on Fora: Sadist RP-er, Motorshade, Shad.

Stuff I like to do: Video Games, Drawing Manga, playing the drums, driving(yes, it's a hobby), making up stories etc. I also like reading. A lot.

A member of SPOON and PLATTER. Was made the Herald for Forum Games as of Jan. 5, 2012. !!! 

Things done as Shadow Bender

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    Tropes that describe this troper (by me or others): 
Feel free to tropefy me. Just sign your name afterwards.

    Fav Tropes(And not just the ones I use...) 

Mass Media that I enjoy:

    Anime and Manga 

    Cartoons and Animations 


  • Genres
    • Game Soundtracks
    • Hard Rock
    • Dubstep
    • Electronic Music
    • Highlife
    • Zouk
    • IDM
    • R 'n' B
    • Afro Music. No, not American 80's style music.

Let's just say I'm very liberal when it comes to music.

    Video Games (By Series) 

  • Ruby
  • C#

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  • I COLOR OUTSIDE THE LINES. But seriously, I christen this new page the MV Motor Runner. -Hotel Kilo
    • Also, I had no idea you were from Nigeria. I have Nigerian electrofunk from the 70s laying around my hard drive somewhere.
    Thank you, HK! And yes, I am Nigerian. I love electrofunk music too...
  • I love that pic at the top. - Spirit
  • THIS. SENTENCE.IS.FALSE! Dontthinkaboutitdonthinkaboutit... - Voids Empathy
  • The lack of vandalism on this page is disturbing. I shall have to correct it. - A Crack In Time
  • Needs MOAR vandalizing! -Aramil
  • Hello Shad. Do not worry, for We are your friends. We shall give you the gift of vandalism. The vandalism of Ube Cake and Fractal Rabbitsjcruz
  • PLATTER shall be of use for the Ube Cake. But, for the Fractal Rabbit, you are on your own.

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