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I get to have my own page? Cool.

So I finally took the time to actually write more than three lines here, I'm satan_n_stuff, known on tvtropes as satannstuff. I'm just your average videogame nerd, I don't watch a lot of tv, I sometimes read manga and I read a lot of books ( mostly fantasy and scifi ) . I'm interested in programming, and my ambition is to someday make the greatest videogame ever, and then go Beyond the Impossible, take it Up to Eleven, then Over Ninethousand and Cross the Line Twice. From that point on the world will have one collective awesomegasm and I will become God amonst men. and women. I have lots of unpublished works hidden away, mostly because they; were buggy as hell, aren't finished, are plagiarised, suck. I'll write about them sometime later if I can be bothered.

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