Tropers / Reedteran

Describe Reedteran here. whyyyyy not? Reedteran is a bumbling troper who mainly lurks around the site for some good laughs. he enjoys all the Funny pages, finds the tvtropes site as a sort of bible for anything ever made, and wishes Chaoticmonki/Cryaotic/Cry had a better page. he has made a Pen and Paper RPG, Paperwars, which really REALLY needs to be a game. He also writes dozens of Halo, Sonic, and Mass Effect fanfics, and surprisingly, none of them are cases of bad writing. TV Tropes is a brand new story, because he has not mastered the power of codes, no matter how much he visits that page. Please dont kill him for it or eat his precious muffins.

He is also a major Satirist, who cannot make good jokes, but can make fun of people. BIG fan of MST3K, now RiffTrax.

Was once a MAT Yian (a resident of More Awesome Than You), but then the Brynne War happened, and he deserted it. Too much glomping and dolphins.

Once he gathers tropes he never knew he had, he'll alphabetize the page. Don't crucify him. Please.

Tropes that are displayed by Reed are: