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Tropers: Jimmmyman 10
i murdered my page today.

Vandalize here!

  • Cleaned up a little. Hello Jim! Good to be the first. :D Inhopeless Guy
    • You get 100 points for being first, and 50 for cleaning!
  • Vandalized! What's up? I just vandalized you, is what's up with me :) - Darkclaw

  • Tis a vandal!! Tropers/Dracosketch
    • Vandalized again! Ha, ha! ~Tropers/{{Dracosketch))
      • Moar vandalism!! ~Tropers/{{Dracosketch))

  • Vandalism is the faeries' forte. - Stolen By Faeries
  • So does "reading tv tropes" count for the number of times you're reading? XD ~someone who thinks you're cool
    • You think I'm cool? Huh, most people just say "STAY THE [bleep] AWAY FROM ME, YOU PERVERTED SICKO!!".
      • Really? I've never seen anything that implied you're perverted or anything. Huh.
      • Actually, I'm not. I just find it funny to say the people think I'm perverted more than actually be perverted.
  • *starts scribbling on the wall* What? - Deadbeatloser22

  • Dancin' like a vandal under the moon. ~Dhana Ragnarok

  • Woot. Dirtying your page. — Liberated Liberater

  • -starts dancing- -raigakuren


  • Rivux used vandalize instead of do homework! Rivux will now procrastinate!

  • This is as far as you go! Darkness Devours!!! ~~ Dark Confidant

  • Hello there! D Roy
    Nothing to see here. Nope. Move along. -Telcontar
  • Ailedhoo was not here. This is not vandalism.It is a duck. Ailedhoo
    • You sir, are my hero.

  • Lukas 10:27 - En hij, antwoordende, zeide: Gij zult den Heere, uw God, liefhebben, uit geheel uw hart, en uit geheel uw ziel, en uit geheel uw kracht, en uit geheel uw verstand; en uw naaste als uzelven.
    That is your motto in seventeenth-century Dutch. I bet you're glad to know that. - Midnight Rambler

  • How I missed your page for so long will forever remain a mystery. Ah well, Phoenixor was here at last.

  • Are you my breakfast. SabrinaDiamond

  • You are being vandalized and it will be Fabulous Oldtaku

  • And then I was here. And all was glorious. ~SlendidSuit

  • -Paints this page with a laser dot. Nuclear Launch Detected.Journeyman

  • A-plus for Housepets avatar! -Quarter

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