Trivia / Yellow Magic Orchestra

  • Black Sheep Hit: The first album was intended to be a one shot project to parody Exotica.
  • He Also Did: Haruomi Hosono was previously a member of the folk rock band Happy End, which is also considered one of the most important Japanese bands of all time.
    • And helped with brief rival Kenji Sawada's solo album Onnatachiyo, playing keys on a few songs as well as producing.
    • Yukihiro Takahashi was a member of the mid-70's glam rock Sadistic Mika Band.
    • Really, if you look around at all in Japan's New Wave scene, you'll see their names pop up an awful lot.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Although their back catalog has been remastered, the Propaganda concert video was only released on VHS and LaserDisc.
  • Revival by Commercialization: A new acoustic version of "Rydeen" was recorded in 2007 for a beer commercial, which quickly topped the Oricon charts.