Trivia: TheStrawhatNO!

  • Creator Backlash: Neither Thorn or Yoshi are happy with their Retsupuraes, with the scripted one of MrFailGame's Harvest Moon 64 LP being a tenuous exception. However even that one is Harsher in Hindsight by Thorn's admission, since he played it as a joke intervention, and within a year Fail had to give up alcohol because of liver problems and later died as a result of those problems.
  • Old Shame:
    • Their time with FATLPs, due variously to the low quality of the videos and commentary, and to their sour relationships with the teammates they left.
    • Every LP they did before making the jump to Something Awful, since most of it was canceled out of frustration and lack of enjoyment, or because they were FATLPS carry-overs. These include:
      • The Ocarina of Time carry-over LP from FATLPs. Abandoned before Water Temple due to endless technical difficulties and a loss of enjoyment.
      • The very short-lived Sonic Adventure 2 LP. Abandoned 5 parts in after it very quickly stopped being fun, which undermined the fact that it was mainly to mock the game.
      • The Majora's Mask LP that Thorn tried doing mid-way through OoT. Ultimately abandoned after the Woodfall Temple during the Bomberman Hero LP. He restarted it in November 2013.
      • The original 2010 attempt at the Pikmin 2 LP (which only reached 5 parts) was outshined by the 2012 LP in every possible way.
    • Thorn noted in a podcast with the group's Patreon patrons that he openly regrets how his and Travis' characterization of Pibot ended up.
  • Promoted Fangirl: an-artist-complex draws many fanart pictures for the group, and she was asked to draw their first official logo. She is also collaborating with Thorn on a Zelda webcomic, and they are currently dating.
  • What Could Have Been: When Thorn was LPing Jetters, many fans from both YouTube and Something Awful requested that he also play Generation, primarily to hear Travis' reactions to Constructor-X and Assault Bomber. Though Thorn eventually played it, Travis was absent for the video that covered both battles.