Quotes / TheStrawhatNO!

Travis (as Pibot): "Allow me to hold you in my silver, human-killing arms..."

Travis: "My friend is dead! Circle strafe!"

ThornBrain: "[The Bulbmin] don't have a mother! They are doomed! ... Happy Fathers' Day, by the way."
Pikmin 2

ThornBrain: "The boss is dead, we have to do puns now."

Epee Em (reading): "Master Dumple, it is done."
Mugiwara Yoshi: Master Dumple! You are the master of the dumples!
Thorn: I think I know the thread title now! "Master Dumple, it is done."

Thorn: "Speaking of Wind Waker, what's the status on [your Let's Play], Yoshi?"
Yoshi: Uhhh... frikkin', y'know... boats.

Thorn: "The world is my canvas, and I'm gonna splatter myself all over it."