Trivia / Sonic the Hedgehog

  • Killer App: This was the game to own on the Sega Genesis, and the one that would turn Sega into a force of nature in the video game industry.
  • No Import For You: The game was in such high demand that stores in the U.K. were actually selling U.S. copies before the street date. Evidently, this was so traumatic to Sega that they later claimed the official western release date was simultaneous. Oddly, they repeated this mistake with Sonic The Hedgehog 3, in which Japanese stores sold the U.S. release for a while.
  • Port Overdosed: Over the years, this game has been made available for:
  • What Could Have Been: The original stage setup for Sonic to run through was Green Hill, Labyrinth, Marble, Star Light, Spring Yard, and finally Scrap Brain. The reason everything between Green Hill and Scrap Brain was changed wasn't because of its pacing, but rather due how Labyrinth would be too hard for a second level. This intended level order can be seen in the REV00 level select menu.
    • The checkered wrecking ball that Eggman uses in the first boss fight once had a diamond symbol drawn on it instead. This object is also notorious for appearing in various magazine screenshots as a level obstacle for Green Hill. After a handful of interpretations by fans on how it could have worked, the remake has it as an object that can be placed in Debug mode. A pilot for the Nick Arcade show briefly features a early version of the game and the ball is seen rolling on a slope.
    • Scrap Brain Zone was originally going to be called Clock Work Zone.
    • Stealth, the same person who assisted Christian Whitehead on the iOS/Android port, made a demonstration port of the first 3 games to present to Sega for the DS, running well ahead in terms of frame rate before Classics Collection for the DS. Sega never responded.
    • Artwork revealed in the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis: Collected Works book shows that the original plan for the ending was for Sonic to fall from the sky, be brought down to earth safely by an eagle and then pose with his friends. This sort of ending became a recurring trope in the series once it was used to great effect in the sequel.
    • There were initial plans for a more extensive sound test mode, with an image of Sonic as the head of a band, with Vector making an Early-Bird Cameo.