Headscratchers / Sonic the Hedgehog

  • Why does the word "COPE" appear in big flashing lights in the background of Spring Yard Zone?
    • Gratuitous English?
      • Specifically, it might have been the first word the original creators found to fit the positive, uplifting message you would expect to find in a... in whatever Spring Yard is. And it is is a fun word. Cope! :-)
    • Paradox. They're telling you to cope with the fact that the signs say "COPE", so that means that they're telling you to cope with the fact that they're telling you to cope with the fact that...
    • If I really had to come up with a reason, I would call it a strange half-hearted effort by Robotnik to lessen resistance. That's right, he's taking over and turning all of your friends into cold, unfeeling robot badniks, so... deal.
    • An ad-tie-in for Coca-cola when the Japanese market realized that "coke" meant something else?
    • From the Development Gag page: "The first game also has glowing letters reading "COPE" in the Spring Yard Zone, which is the acronym for one of the graphics processing routines used by the developers."
    • This troper has always interpreted it as encouragement or possibly a snide remark concerning the player's impending and inevitable troubles in navigating around Spring Yard's formations of bumpers.
    • This troper heard that there was once a company that made parts for pinball machines by that name. It might be a joking Shout-Out to them due to the theme of the level.
  • What powers the item box monitors? Do they run on batteries?
    • Mhm, most likely batteries, or an electrical current of some sort! If you ever jump on top of them, you'll notice that the force of the impact turns them into a ruined, metallic husk, destroying the foundation. [1] So my best bet is probably batteries, especially considering Robotnik's goal is to turn the world into his technocratic empire.
  • So why is Scrap Brain Zone Act 3 a Palette Swap of Labyrinth Zone? You haven't been to Labyrinth Zone for the past two Zones (between that and Scrap Brain, you go through Star Light Zone) so there's no way the two zones could be connected to each other.
    • Perhaps Robotnik's Scrap Brain Zone base was built over a second Labyrinth Zone, and Robotnik used it as a dumping ground for the liquid pollution his base generates.
      • As the 8-bit version delivers you directly from Labyrinth Zone to Scrap Brain Zone, this seems to be the likeliest solution.