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Headscratchers: Sonic the Hedgehog 2
  • Wouldn't starfish badniks be more at home in the Oil Ocean Zone?
  • Have you ever noticed that Sonic's journey from Emerald Hill to Hill Top takes two days?
    • Actually, you could extend this to every level.
      • Emerald Hill: Day
      • Chemical Plant: Night
      • Aquatic Ruin: Day
      • Casino Night: ... err, night.
      • Hill Top: Day
      • Mystic Cave: Underground, cannot determine. Could be night, though.
      • Oil Ocean: Day - morning, to be exact
      • Metropolis: Indoors, can't determine. Again, could be night, given what has been shown so far.
    • And after that, levels segue into each other smoothly, so it all happens during the day.
      • There could be a chance that Mystic Cave Zone takes place during the afternoon, as the sun seems to be setting during Oil Ocean Zone.
  • Dr. Eggman's Eggmobile in Emerald Hill uses a helicopter rotor for flight. Certainly, there's only one reason for that.
  • Concerning the 8-bit version: why do people assume Tails dies in the bad ending just because his constellation shows up? In the good ending you see both Sonic's and Tails's constellations, yet they're both clearly alive.
    • The difference is that when Tails and Sonic are seeing themselves in the sky, they see reflections of them together the way they would like to be. When Sonic sees Tails in the sky, Tails is nowhere to be seen, and Sonic is all alone while sad music plays. It's a conclusion made through the identifying factors during the ending and comparing the two together.
      • Even so, if he's alive and kicking with his constellation in the Good Ending, couldn't he be alive in the Bad Ending as well? Maybe he's just working for Robotnik now.
      • I guess it might be a case of Came Back Wrong or something? Like Sonic saved Tails, but Tails isn't the same, or the Tails he knew was changed somehow.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 2 has the Oil Ocean zone. Dr. Robotnik's boss machine in that level spends its time submerged in oil. When you defeat it, it explodes. Why does this not affect the oil the machine has been covered in the entire time? Or the entire ocean of it making up the level, for that matter?
    • Not to mention another highly-known attribute of oil: being covered in it is of great harm to animals. Sonic doesn't even have to brush it off.
      • It probably just flies off when he runs at supersonic speeds.
  • In Sonic 2, what happens to all of those animals that fall from the sky in the Sky Chase zone?
    • Well, there's no falling damage in this game...
    • Small animals don't usually fall at terminal velocity. Cats and turtles, for example, can fall out of planes and land (relatively) unharmed on the ground.
  • The fact that despite all the various ports of Sonic 2 they've never fixed Tails' Special Zone AI.
    • Because then it wouldn't be authentic.
    • The new smartphone port has the special stage sin 3D with a higher POV for the player allowing them to see bombs ahead of time and plan accordingly. Tails is less of a hassle here now.
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