Trivia / Sister Act

  • Artistic License Religion: The convent Deloris joins is a Carmelite order (as mentioned by Mary Patrick in the casino, when she asks a tourist if they've seen "a nun, a Carmelite nun?"). Carmelites are devoted to prayer and contemplation and do not typically interact with the secular world. This wasn't something the nuns weren't doing because they were naive and out-of-touch; it was actually what they signed on for as Carmelites. Further, Carmelite nuns wear brown.
    • The oddest bit is that the nuns are clearly Franciscans (black habit, vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience, interest in reforming the local community), but for some reason they're not called that until Sister Act 2.
    • It is clear that these nuns were gathered from different orders that closed down. It is likely that some of them did sign on for something else.
  • What Could Have Been: Bette Midler was originally considered for the role of Deloris, but couldn't take it because of her busy schedule.