Awesome / Sister Act

The first movie

  • Deloris's work on the choir. One week, the monsignor needs earplugs just to get through the service. The next week, the music is luring people in off the street and increasing service attendance.
  • "Hail Holy Queen" has to be seen to be believed. They start singing in Latin.
  • During the "Just a Touch of Love" montage, Deloris does Double Dutch jump rope in a habit. Let that sink in for a moment.
  • Doubling as a heartwarming moment is Deloris saving Mary Roberts from being kidnapped along with her. Not only does she keep a cool head, helping Mary Roberts remain calm as well, she is able to swiftly shove her from the car to safety and then convince Willy and Joey that it's not worth chasing her down again all without missing a beat.
  • Lt. Eddie Souther saves Deloris and the other nuns from Vince by shooting Vince in the arm through a window then sending his subordinates into the room.
    Eddie: Sorry. Things got kind of out of hand.
    Deloris: Oh. Just "kind of out of hand"? Boy, am I glad you're a much better shot than you are a protector.

The second movie

  • Everyone who's seen Sister Act 2 remembers the "Oh Happy Day" scene. Skip to 2:40 and prepare to be amazed.

The musical

  • The nuns working together during the chase sequence to take down the Quirky Miniboss Squad.
  • The nuns' Go Through Me in the climax.
  • Eddie nailing Vince in the arm from a good distance away.