Heartwarming: Sister Act

  • Deloris and the Reverend Mother at the end of the first film. Yeah. That scene.
  • "Out of bed, you Daisy head." That whole scene with Mary Robert, actually.
  • The scene after the first choir practice, when Deloris is lying in bed listening to all the nuns practicing their chords, and it ends with Mary Robert hitting a perfect, beautiful note. The smile on Deloris's face really sells it.
  • The look of pure joy on Mary Robert's face after her first solo during "Hail Holy Queen".
    • Which leads to another heartwarming moment when you can tell she has immense confidence in her voice during her other solos.
    • Well, heck, every scene with Mary Robert is Heartwarming.
  • In universe, how the nuns feel after going out into the community after being cloistered for so long. They long to do good works and now they finally get the chance to revitalize their run-down neighborhood.