Trivia / Short Circuit

  • Fake Nationality: Fisher Stevens, who played Ben, is very, very white. Not Indian. Newton actually asks about this, and Ben clarifies that he was born in Bakersfield, but his family is from... Pittsburgh.
  • Technology Marches On:
    • In the second movie, when Johnny Five first meets Benjamin, he happily shows off all his newest features, including among them "500 megabytes of storage". 500 MB was indeed a lot of hard drive space in 1988, when Short Circuit 2 was in theaters, but ten years later, we know that Johnny has about enough memory to store a decent but by no means flawless copy of the movie he currently stars in. The Italian adaptation got a Lucky Translation here. Translated back into English, Johnny 5 says he has "improved memory, 500 megabytes online", without any mention of storage, which leads viewers to think he's talking about RAM instead of hard drive space. Of course, technology has marched on from computers with 512 MB of RAM, but it took a lot more time.
    • For a more justifiable example, see Benjamin's lament that neither he nor Fred is carrying a phone.
      Fred: Well, I left mine in the Mercedes!