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Awesome: Short Circuit

Short Circuit:

  • Johnny Five defeating the three SAINT prototypes in one-on-one (pacifistic) combat, then reprogramming them... into The Three Stooges.
  • Stephanie's abusive boyfriend Frank threatens to turn Number Five over to NOVA. Five retaliates by completely dismantling his car when he's not looking.
  • Johnny's Red Eyes, Take Warning when Stephanie is threatened by Frank, who's holding the exhaust pipe from his car that Johnny just dismantled. He then uses his laser to slice the pipe apart, followed by the brim of the guy's hat, the heels of his boots and the belt buckle on his pants.
    Number 5: NO! No disassemble Stephanie!
  • Johnny rushing into the resturant to save Stephanie from the NOVA agents.
  • It's quiet badassery, but still badassery. Johnny looks his creator in the eye and demonstrates that he might be the most moral guy in the script.
    Crosby: Of course I know killing is wrong, but who told you?
    Number 5: I told me.
  • Johnny Five's reaction to having a gun pulled on him:
    Johnny Five: (snatches the pistol of the gunman's hand and examines it) Colt .45. Semi-automatic. (casually crushes the gun) Play-doh.

Short Circuit 2:

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