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Tear Jerker: Short Circuit

Short Circuit:

  • It's a minor thing but, the squashing of the cricket. Johnny didn't mean to do it...
    Johnny Five: Error. Grasshopper disassembled...
  • Johnny Five's apparent demise in the first film. Yes, it's a Disney Death, but still... Even Howard seemed pretty despondent, (and not just for losing tech worth millions of taxpayer dollars) just before firing Skroeder.
    Howard: Years of research are down the tubes, and you're happy as a pig in slops.
    Skroeder: (still smugly proud, and oblivious) Just doing my job, sir.
    Howard: Maybe from now on you can do it somewhere else.

Short Circuit 2:

  • During another reading binge at a bookstore, Johnny finds two books that he says he will read "very carefully". After he is arrested by the police, and treated as property rather than a person, he's shown reading one of the books slowly and carefully, rather than flipping through in seconds like he normally does. The two books? Frankenstein and Pinocchio, both about man-made creations who were brought to life, just like Johnny himself.
  • Johnny's understandably hurt reaction to learning Fred was going to sell him out (literally).
    Johnny: Fred wants to sell ME?'!
    Fred: (laughs sheepishly) Oh, J-5, c'mon, it's just a figure of speech.
    Johnny: Am not property, Frederick! One whose person is under control of another as master, is a SLAVE!
  • The look on Fred's face when he finally finds Johnny ... and sees the condition he's in. His expression goes from joy to horror in seconds.
  • Johnny getting Fred's name wrong may seem funny, until your remember some of his brain is still damaged.
    Fred: Are you okay?
    Johnny Five: Functioning 100%. Perfectly ko Derf.
    Fred: It's Fred.
    Johnny Five: That's what I said, Derf.
  • The aftermath of Johnny Five's beating by the bank robbers. Also, near the end, when Benjamin tries to revive Johnny Five's battery power with a defibrillator, just after catching Oscar.

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