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Tear Jerker: Shutter Island
  • Any of the scenes of Teddy with his wife, in particular the ending.
    • "Why are you all wet, baby...?"
    • Teddy taking the shoes off his daughter's body, trying to rub her feet warm. Oh, god....
  • "Your children, Andrew, your children! Simon! Henry! Your wife drowned them at the cabin by the lake. And here, the little girl. The one you dream of every night. The one who tells you over and over that you should have saved her, saved them all! Your daughter! Her name was Rachel! Are you going to deny that she ever lived, Andrew? Are you?"
  • The strong possibility that in the end, Teddy willingly allows himself to be lobotomized rather than live with the memories. He'd rather "die as a good man" than "live as a monster".

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