Trivia / Romancing SaGa 2

  • Marth Debuted in "Smash Bros.": Rocbouquet has made an appearance in Final Fantasy Tactics S, but Romancing Saga 2 never got released in the States until the iOS and Android ports 20 years later.
  • No Export for You: SaGa is fairly good at getting across the pond, but this game never made it at first. It was re-released on the Virtual Console in Japan, but there was no word on a translation. A Fan Translation by Aeon Genesis was in the works, but never made it out of Development Hell. Now averted with the worldwide iOS/Android port.
  • Remade for the Export: The iOS/Android port.
  • Theme Naming:
    • The Female Light Infantry units are named after famous actresses:
      LIZA Minelli, JESSICA Lange, SHIRLEY MacLaine, AUDREY Hepburn, JUDY Garland, GRACE Kelly, INGRID Bergman, GRETA Garbo
    • The Male Ranger units are named after royalty and so are the Female Ranger units:
      Henry of England, Louis of France, Charles of England, William of England, Philippe of France, Edward of England, Alexander of Russia, Friedrich of Germany
      Marie THERESE of France, Mary of England, Agnes of Poitou, Catherine of England,Anne of England, Juliana of Netherlands, Isabella of Spain, Elizabeth of England
    • The Male Free Fighter units are named after people found in Greek myths and the same goes to their female equivalents:
      Hector, Orion, Jason, Theseus, Achilles, Ulysses, Perseus, Hercules
      Andromache, Side, Medea, Hippolyte, Deidameia, Penelope, Andromeda, Deianeira
    • The Male Free Mage units are named after stars:
      Regulus, Algol, Polaris, Canopus, Procyon, Rigel, Vega, Sirius
    • The Male Imperial Guard units are named after great generals of the past, while the Females are named after Roman Goddesses:
      Wallenstein, Tancred, Davout, Marlborough, Hannibal, Epaminondas, Gustav, Belisarius
      Minerva, Luna, Juno, Ceres, Aurora, Fury, Victoria, Diana
    • The Desert Guards are named after characters found in the "Arabian Nights" tales:
      Sharrkan, Neman, Dandan, Shahryar, Abu Hasan, Marzawan, Armanus, Suleiman
    • The Amazons are named after powerful, heroic women of the world:
      Jeanne, Kriemhild, Ekaterina, Theodora, Agrippina, Artemisia, Bukou (Wu Zetian), Tomoe
    • The Holy Order people are named after Saints:
      They are all good with the exception of Irvine which should be Urban and Kristof is Christoph.
    • The Ocean Girls are named after singers
    • The Privateers are named after famous navigators:
      Infante Henrique of Viseu, Ferdinand MAGELLAN, Vasco da GAMA, Alfred Thayer MAHAN, John FISHER, Alfred von TIRPITZ, Teiwa (Zheng He), Francis DRAKE
    • The Saigos people come from Nordic History:
      Eirik, Harf-agre, Palna, Arinbjorn, Egil, Olav, Sigurd, Snorri
    • The Monks bears the names of wrestlers:
      KARL Gotch, FRITZ Von Erich, The DYNAMITE Kid, Terry FUNK, BRUISER Brody, Big Van VADER, Hiroshi HASE, Jushin LIGER
    • The Male Thieves are based on birds, while the females are based on mammals
    • The Salamander names are based on volcanoes:
      Kelud, Tambora, Galunggung, Awu, Marapi, Agung, Soputan, Papandayan
    • The Nereids are named after...Nereids:
      Thetis, Pherusa, Lysianassa, Melite, Amphitrite, Nausithoe, Sao, Galatea
    • The Iris folk are named after natural stuff:
      Windy, Cloudia, Skya, Breezia, Gale, Air, Stormy, Nadir (Nadir is the opposite of Zenith)