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Trivia: Night Court
  • Actor Allusion:
    • One of the many, many people who have taken the court hostage over the years was a woman with a grenade who couldn't distinguish television shows from reality. She was played by Marion Ross, aka Mrs. Cunningham. She lists her many friends which were fictional TV characters and it included "The Fonz".
    • Another episode had Dan being held hostage by an insane woman who acts out scenes from horror movies. When the TV announces that The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974) is about to begin, he says, "Seen that already." John Larroquette was the narrator for the original film, 2003 remake, and the ending of the prequel to the latter.
  • Actor Existence Failure: Selma Diamond after the second season, and Florence Halop after the third. Marsha Warfield was hired because she was much younger, so this could be prevented from happening a third time.
  • The Character Died with Him: When Selma Diamond and then Florence Halop died, their respective characters were written as having passed away too.
  • The Danza: Selma Hacker/Selma Diamond, and Florence Kleiner/Florence Halop.
    • Could also be invoked for Mac Robinson/Charles Robinson.
    • Averted with Harry Stone played by Harry Anderson, oddly enough. According to series creator and executive producer Reinhold Weege's DVD commentary, the character was called Harry and was a devoted Tormé fan and magician before magician turned actor Harry Anderson auditioned.
    • Yakov Smirnoff's occasional guest appearances as Yakov Korolenko.
  • Dawson Casting: Don Cheadle plays a robber in one episode. The character was supposed to be 16, Cheadle was 24 at the time.
  • Directed by Cast Member: Several.
    • John Larroquette directed 2 episodes.
    • Harry Anderson directed 2 episodes. He also wrote 5 of them. (One - "Caught Red Handed" from the fourth season - he both wrote and directed).
    • Charles Robinson directed 3 episodes.
  • Hey, It's That Guy! (may overlap with Retroactive Recognition):
    • Brent Spiner, before he hit it big on Star Trek: The Next Generation, made recurring appearances as Bob Wheeler.
    • Lou Ferrigno - most famous at that time for playing The Incredible Hulk on TV - played a professional wrestler who was beat up by an old lady in one episode.
    • Gordon Clapp, later Det. Greg Medavoy on NYPD Blue, plays Bull's Ambulance Chaser cousin in one episode.
    • John Astin (aka Gomez Addams) as Buddy.
    • Robert Englund pops up in Season 3.
    • Pam Grier was one of the pregnant women trapped in the building by a hurricane.
      • Dick Butkus was another woman's husband in those same episodes.
    • Leon, the young shoeshine boy that Harry adopted in season 3, later grew up to be Bumblebee & Dwight.
    • Al Craven, a sleazy tabloid reporter who hassled the gang a few times during the first two seasons is the titular Bernie.
    • Estelle Harris, best known as George Costanza's mother on Seinfeld played a hooker that got arrested with Christine's father in season 3.
    • Bull's girlfriend in one episode was played by the diminutive Denny Dillon, from Saturday Night Live (during its notoriously awful sixth seasonnote ) and the HBO sex comedy Dream On.
    • Michael Richards as a man who thought he was invisible.
    • In the Season 2 episode 'Nuts About Harry', James Cromwell and Kevin Peter Hall.
    • Teri Hatcher as Dan's superior's niece whom he's supposed to "keep out of trouble."
    • Dr. Silberman is the defendant in the season 2 premiere.
    • "The Gypsy" has Hal Smith, best known to sitcom fans as Otis and animation fans as the original Owl.
    • Don Cheadle is the armed robber in "Jung and the Restless".
    • Kelly Hu is the young Eskimo girl in "Danny Got His Gun Part 2".
    • Gregory Itzin (Charles Logan from 24) played a mobster's defense lawyer in one episode, and a mugger in another two-parter.
    • In the very next episode (after the one where Itzin played a lawyer) Dennis Haysbert (David Palmer) shows up as an ex con who dates Roz for a brief time.
    • Markie Post was originally a model on Card Sharks.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!:
    • Ellen Foley, who played public defender Billie Young in season 2, sang back-up vocals for Meat Loaf. Her best known vocals are on "Paradise By the Dashboard Light" ("I wanna know right now / Will you love me forever?")
    • Bull is Two-Face.
    • Bull's foster son Andy aka Stella from the season 2 episode "Bull Gets a Kid" is played by a young Pamela Adler, (as Pamela Segall, her maiden name) best known for voicing another boy, Bobby Hill.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Warner began issuing DVDs of the show in 2005. It took eight years for them to release the entire series and even then most of the seasons are only available as no-frills, "manufactured-on-demand" releases available only online. Shameful considering Night Court was part of NBC's vaunted '80s Thursday Night Line-Up, along with The Cosby Show, A Different World, Family Ties, Cheers, Wings, Hill Street Blues, and L.A. Law.
  • The Other Darrin: Phil Sanders was played by a different actor (and had a quite different characterization) when he first appears (and is revealed to actually be a wealthy former Wall Street banker who suffered a breakdown).
  • Reality Subtext: "Flo's Retirement" was a fitting sendoff for Florence Halop, who was dying of breast cancer. And she still managed to finish out the season.

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