Trivia / Juggalo Championship Wrestling

  • The "AK" on Izzy High's boots are short for his other ring name, American Kickboxer.
  • The original event that produced the first DVD included a Best 2 out of 3 Tables match between "Dirty" Don Montoya and 2 Tuff Tony, and an Exploding Barbed Wire Match between the Freaks of Nature (Mad Man Pondo and "The Human Wrecking Ball" Pete Madden) and Corporal Robinson and Ian Rotten. Neither match actually made it to the DVD, though there are brief clips from the tag match incorporated into the DVD with no commentary or explanation.
  • Acting for Two: Jumpsteady is in the main event on Volume 2 as Evil Dead, and also has an uncredited appearance backstage as the Masked Negotiator, a gimmick he'd revisit on Volume 3 as Kamala's manager. He also appears at the end of Volume 3 unmasked.
    • Chris Hero appears as Robin Leach and as himself and Hy-Zaya is both RuPaul and himself on Volume 2.
  • Throw It In!: When Cash Flo is walking to the ring for the battle royal on Volume 1, "Johnny" says, "There is the wrestler Asshole," and 3D corrects him. Later during the match, Cash Flo is referred to repeatedly as "Asshole" and no one thinks to correct it.