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Wrestling: Balls Mahoney

Jonathan Rechner (b. 1972) is an American Professional Wrestler from Spring Lake Heights, New Jersey best known for his work in ECW as Balls Mahoney. After spending a few years as a TV Jobber for WWE and working for his trainer "Pretty Boy" Larry Sharpe's WWA promotion, he first made an impression in SMW as Boo Bradley, the Kayfabe childhood friend of Chris Candido. He made a very brief cameo in WWE in December 1995 as Xanta Klaus. At WWF in Your House 5: Season's Beatings, "The Million-Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase introduced him as the newest acquisition of his Million Dollar Corporation, the evil version of Santa Claus. He had one WWE match in this gimmick, a Squash of Scott Taylor on the December 23rd (taped December 19th) WWF Superstars, before it was abandoned. He alternated between the Boo Bradley and Abbudah Singh names in the independents until he arrived in ECW in late 1996. Over his time there, he would hold the ECW World Tag Team Titles three times, 1x w/Masato Tanaka and 2x w/Little Spike Dudley. After ECW closed, he spent the next few years in the independents until WWE brought him in for ECW One Night Stand 2005, and a year later for WWECW, where he would stay until 2008. He continues to compete in the independents today.

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