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Trivia: Heat
  • The Danza: Danny Trejo as... Trejo. He has no first name, but we are pretty sure we know what it is.
  • Deleted Scene: These scenes, cut for time constraints but featured on the DVD release:
    1. "Season's Starting Early": Cheritto is seen purchasing hockey masks that the crew uses for the armored car robbery. He also buys a dollhouse for his family. The clerk tells him it's a little early to be playing hockey, but Cheritto says "season's starting early this year." The scene would have fallen after the scenes of Neil stealing the ambulance and Shiherlis buying explosives.
    2. "Nicest Guy on the Block": Cheritto arrives home, plays with his children, gives his wife a packet of money, then looks mystically dazed.
    3. "Albert and Hanna": Alternative take of Hanna's meeting with Albert Torena
    4. "Shakedown": Hanna and Sgt. Drucker try to rattle the cages by pressing a shady TV repairman named Cuzomano. Hanna even makes an Angels with Dirty Faces shoutout by quoting James Cagney's line "Whaddya hear, whaddya say." His name, Cuzomano, is inplied from looking at early versions of the script. In the final film, Cuzomano is only mentioned in passing at the armored car robbery crime scene when Hanna says he's one of the usual fences they will check.
    5. "Murder in C Block": Expanded version of Hanna's conversation with Richard Torena, with Richard providing an illustrative example of how Cheritto's ruthlessness extends behind prison bars.
    6. "Let's Dance": Extended version of the scene where Hanna and his wife Justine are dancing
    7. "Late Arrival": This scene, cut from the final film, starts with Neil, Shiherlis and Trejo talking. Cheritto arrives late, says he's found the police surveillance bugs installed on his car, and makes a few guesses as to how the cops found them.
    8. "Where's Ana?" Probably the most telling of the deleted scenes. The scene starts with Donald Breedan dropping Neil, Shiherlis and Cheritto off in front of the bank. Breedan asks Neil if the doors should be opened or closed, and Neil assures him that with no police response time, the getaway will be a simple cruise up the street. Meanwhile, Trejo arrives at his hillside house. He walks in, and finds several of Van Zant's thugs, including Hugh Benny and Waingro, waiting for him. This confirms to us that he has been blackmailed into betraying Neil. Trejo confirms that the robbery is going down, though he also makes clear that he knows how Neil will react if he finds out he's been double-crossed. Hugh Benny then calls the police with the tip that will cause the big climatic shootout. Throughout, Trejo constantly asks for his wife's whereabouts, which Waingro shakily denies. It then dawns on Trejo, and he runs into the next room, followed by Waingro, wielding a baseball bat. Based on the way the scene ends, it's likely that this last shot would have immediately been followed by the shots of Neil and his crew entering the bank.
    9. "Double the Worst Trouble": Expands the scene between Neil and Dr. Bob right before the "Take off your shirt" line. Dr. Bob informs Neil that he'll need a double fee for Shiherlis's treatment because they are wanted criminals, which Neil does not approve of.
    10. "Nate Delivers": A new informative scene between Neil and Nate going over Neil's new "out" that Nate's prepared for him.
  • Enforced Method Acting: Hanna's line "She's got a... GREAT ASS! And you got your head all the way up it!" was improvised—the surprise on Hank Azaria's face was genuine.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!:
  • Image Source: This film provides the page image for:
  • Similarly Named Works: The 80s film with Burt Reynolds and Peter MacNicol is probably best remembered for having the same name as this film.

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