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Trivia: Heat Guy J
  • Anime First
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: Tons, both in Japanese and English.
    • Clair is voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch, in what might have been his first villainous role (now we know where he got his practice for Lelouch)!
    • Edmundo's Japanese seiyuu is none other than...Reno.
      • In English he shares a voice actor with Hajime Saito and Jin, among others
    • Antonia's English voice actor is Wendee Lee.
    • If Boma in English sounds like Legato, that's because they share a voice actor.
    • Mitchal shares a voice actor with, of all people, Mao. Now imagine Mao as Lelouch's bodyguard!
  • Talking to Himself: In the English dub, there's an instance when Giovanni and Shun are enemies, and meet up to fight. Both men are voiced by Lex Lang.

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