Trivia / Gunsmoke

  • The Danza: Howard McNear as Howard, general store clerk, in the TV version.
  • Directed by Cast Member: Dennis Weaver directed four episodes.
  • The Other Darrin: Various secondary characters were played by whoever was handy at the time- bank manager Mr. Botkin has at least three actors, sometimes rotating. The desk clerk at the Dodge House also rotated(occasionally with one of the men who played Mr. Botkin).
  • What Could Have Been: Ken Curtis was offered a chance to be in the TV movie sequels, but declined to reprise his role as Festus, feeling that Miss Kitty should be in the spotlight with Matt instead. If he HAD taken the job, it'd would've been Festus serving as Dodge's marshal rather than Newly.
  • You Look Familiar: Over the 20 season run, a few actors came back to play other characters.