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Trivia: Guns N' Roses

For the band itself:

  • Banned in China: Apparently the Chinese Cultural Department has issues with the entirety of Chinese Democracy, despite just the title track bothering them. It's also the basis for a bad joke: Chinese Democracy is banned in China. Also the Guns N Roses album.
  • Fake Brit: "Down on the Farm"
    • An attempt at an English accent so dire, it makes Axl a prime contender for the Dick Van Dyke of hard rock.
  • One of Us: Slash, who is addicted to Rock Band, is a fan of Phineas and Ferb, and designed the GNR pinball machine.
  • The Pete Best: The original line-up was Axl, Tracii Guns, Izzy, Ole Beich and Rob Gardner. Yes, only two of them are in the image atop of the main page.
  • Retroactive Recognition: A year before the release of the first Blind Melon album, Shannon Hoon contributed backing vocals to six songs on Use Your Illusion I note , where he's credited in the liner notes simply as "Shannon". He's probably most recognizable on "Don't Cry", "You Ain't The First", and "The Garden". The "Don't Cry" video also featured Hoon performing alongside the band.
  • Revival by Commercialization: Word has it that the one big push for the release of Chinese Democracy was the inclusion of "Shackler's Revenge" in Rock Band 2. And then later the rest of the album was put up for Downloadable Content. This opens space for some What Could Have Been if Harmonix had not considered them.
  • Throw It In: "Sweet Child O'Mine" was written in one sitting on the back of a bus. As nobody wrote anything for the aftermath of Slash's solo, they lampshaded the situation instead of writing another verse : "Where do we go, where do we go now?"
  • Troubled Production: Chinese Democracy, which used lots of money, time, and people.
  • Vaporware
    • Chinese Democracy, the musical equivalent to Duke Nukem Forever, took 15 years to be released.
    • The music video for the second single, "Better".
  • What Could Have Been: If the band hadn't essentially disappeared off the face of the planet in the mid-'90s despite being one of music's biggest rock bands at the time, there's no telling just how much bigger they could have become.
  • Write Who You Know: Three in their debut, "My Michelle" (a friend of Axl), "Sweet Child O'Mine" (his then-girlfriend) and "Rocket Queen" (a girl who Axl knew and wanted to have a band by this name).

For the pinball game:

  • Directed by Cast Member: The original idea and initial layout for the game came from Slash himself, who is a major pinball fan and collector.
    "You know, there hasn't been a good rock 'n' roll [pinball] machine in, like, 15 years... I thought, well, Guns is a well-enough known name that we could probably do one. So I started drawing out the game, then I started sketching, writing down the rules..."
    —Slash, Rip magazine, January 1995
  • Executive Meddling: Discussed by Slash, who said he took his proposal to Data East over the larger Williams Electronics to avoid this trope.
  • Promoted Fanboy

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