Video Game / Gun Smoke

Gun.Smoke (not to be confused with the Western radio and TV series) is a vertically-scrolling Shoot 'em Up, developed by Capcom and originally released in arcades in 1985. It was later ported to the Nintendo Entertainment System and numerous contemporary 8-bit computer gaming systems.

A family of outlaws known as the Wingates stroll into a peaceful frontier town and kill its sheriff, plunging it into lawlessness and making it easy prey for bandit raids. It's left to a lone gunman to fight back against the Wingates and restore order.

For a game with a similar concept, see Sunset Riders.

Tropes used in Gun.Smoke:

  • Knife Nut: Roy, the second boss in the arcade version. He spends a lot more time flipping around than attacking, so in a way he's easier to defeat than the first boss.
  • Ninja: The boss of the third stage in the arcade, and the fourth stage in the console/computer versions. He specializes in throwing shurikens and teleporting to random places with smoke bombs.
  • Power Up Mount: In the arcade and NES versions, the player can obtain a horse that allows him to move faster and absorb a few extra hits before dying.
  • "Wanted!" Poster: Each stage begins by displaying a wanted poster of the area boss, his name, and the weapon he uses.