Trivia / Final Destination

  • Actor Allusion:
  • Canada Doubling: The first and fifth films are set in upstate New York, while the second film is set in Michigan and the third in Colorado. All but the fourth entry were filmed in and around Vancouver, British Columbia, the latter being both filmed and set in Louisiana.
  • Franchise Killer: Though there was another one after it, The Final Destination was the film that brought the series past the point of no return.note  It was the biggest hit in the franchise since the first, largely thanks to the addition of 3D, but it was so poorly received by critics and fans alike that people stayed away in droves from Final Destination 5, leading to that film's failure driving the final nails into the coffin (despite generally being considered a much better movie).
  • Too Soon: The 9/11 reference in Final Destination 3 (a picture of one of the towers covered by a shadow of a plane), which was considered tasteless and offensive by critics, is removed from the TV version of the film.
  • Unintentional Period Piece: The cameras used and the music for the soundtrack place the movie sometime after the the 1980s, but the under-reaction to a guy saying a plane is going to explode, which turns out to be true, clearly shows the movie was made before 9/11.
  • What Could Have Been: In the early stages of Final Destination 2, Tim Carpenter was envisioned as a 5-7 year old, but there was uneasiness in making a movie where such a young character gets killed in a gruesome fashion. In the movie proper, he was born 1986 and met his end on May 14, 2001, still making him the youngest victim in the series.
  • The Wiki Rule: Yep.
  • Word of God: It is stated in Final Destination 3 that Kimberly and Thomas, the only survivors of Final Destination 2, died five years ago, just before the last three people of Final Destination 3, thus sealing the really complicated rift created by their survival.