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Nightmare Fuel: Final Destination
  • The entire concept is bad enough. (Oh, you managed to avoid dying? Fine. Now your death will be several times more horrifying, painful, or both.) Then there are some of the deaths themselves, and the movies' premise. Specifically, the opening disaster scenes, which prey on our everyday fears (flying, driving, roller coasters, race tracks, and now crossing bridges).
  • Bludworth himself seems to be nightmare fuel for various reasons: 1. He is played by The Candyman himself Tony Todd. 2. He knows more about death more than anyone else. 3. This is the big one: He may as well be the reaper himself and only gives the protagonists cryptic advice because he took pity on them. The other characters on the list were either already dead or too busy to talk to him.

Final Destination
  • How doesn't anybody not mention the infamous plane scene in the beginning? It's graphic, pretty disturbing, and how it ends with it exploding and burning everyone alive. Just the beginning showing a baby and a handicapped man makes it more disturbing and just tragic...
  • Ms. Lewton's death. Just to count: she gets stabbed in the throat by shards of her exploding computer screen, knocked to the ground by an exploding Vodka bottle, stabbed in the chest by a large kitchen knife when she was trying to grab a cloth to stop her hemorrhage, but it takes a chair falling on her and hammering the knife deeper in her chest to kill her. And to put the cherry on the cake, her house explodes, burning her body.
    • Considering that she suffered severe trauma after she witnessed the accident, does not take away the fact that her death is one of the most sadistic and fucked up of all.
  • Tod being strangled by a clothesline in his bathtub. Yes, it sounds ridiculous, but watching him struggling to get the wire off or stand up is quite terrifying because you know that there's a very slim chance of him making it. The fact that it was drawn out to be a very slow and obviously painful death adds to this.
    • This scene also shows that Death is capable of covering it's own tracks. Cue Fridge Horror at how many "suicides" have happened over the years.
  • Alex nearly getting electrocuted and blown up at Clear's house.

Final Destination 2
  • The shadowy, skeletal hands.
  • Nora's death by Evil Elevator. Her braid gets hooked on a bunch of stuff a man in the same elevator is carrying, causing her to fall with her head trapped in between the elevator doors. The elevator then ascends, and despite the people in and out of the elevator trying to help, her head is torn off her shoulders.

Final Destination 3
  • Busted or not, the tanning bed death is still horrific.
  • Erin's death. She falls against a nail gun, which proceeds to fire nails directly into the back of her head. Her body jerks as each nail penetrates her skill and bursts out her face. After the nail gun stops firing, she whimpers, then her body slowly goes limp as she dies.
  • Listening to the song "Roller Coaster of Love" became uncomfortable, as it played as two girls were burned alive in tanning booths.
  • The roller coaster sequence at the beginning. The whole thing started over a hydraulic leak and a camera that was dropped and wrapped itself on the track. But the way the rest of the sequence was shot was still frighteningly realistic. Roller Coasters also are taken care of every morning and have alarm systems if something is wrong with it just so things like that never happen. However, consider some of the deaths like the razor sharp swords at the school and other pointless deaths that seem implausible. The whole planet has No OSHA Compliance. It's very probable that the Roller Coaster really would realistically use a horrible, horrible safety system like that. Death is less of a dick than trying to point out all the mechanical flaws like only he knows... and the Voodoo Shark is gone.
  • Kevin's death in the train incident. He is thrown against a damaged window before it breaks and he is sent out of the train screaming. Oh, and it doesn't stop there, as he is thrown outside, he is THEN GROUND DOWN BETWEEN THE TUNNEL WALL AND THE TRAIN!

The Final Destination
  • Samantha's sons watched as their mother had a rock launched into her face.
  • Cheesy or not, Hunt's death was pretty bad.

Final Destination 5
  • The nail which was on the gymnastics bar was terrifying. She was going to slice her Achilles tendon or something. But when she actually did die, that was just, AHH. Her broken body twitches several times as a wet stain spread across the crotch of her gymnastic leotard.
  • The LASIK surgery scene in the fifth movie. Holy crap. Even if LASIK doesn't work that way, which should be comforting, but really isn't.
  • The whole concept of "Taking another's life for yours", case you don't know it, if you're on Death's list, you can kill a person who wasn't even on Death's list, be it on purpose or by mistake, they take your spot on the list and you get their lifespan and you're homefree. Sounds fair and well, but then conflict comes in, do you have what it takes to kill a completely innocent person who wasn't even on Death's list, just so you can live longer? It gets worse as you realize that even if you do kill a person, you don't know how long they were even gonna be alive! For all you know, the person can either live for a long time before dying or suddenly die the next day, week, maybe even next hour. The countdown to your impending death doesn't help things either.
  • That bloke getting impaled on acupuncture needles, almost burning to death and having his head crushed by a Buddha statue... Just... Damn. Sure, the bloke in question was a complete Jerk Ass and being incredibly racist to the receptionist but damn was that harsh.
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