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Fridge: Final Destination
Fridge Brilliance
  • The fourth movie in the series is not numbered, instead being called The Final Destination, implying that it's the last movie in the series...and then Final Destination 5 comes out. The brilliance only comes at the end of Final Destination 5, when the last two survivors of the bridge collapse die by being on board Flight 180—the opening disaster from Final Destination. It's a prequel, which means the fourth movie is still chronologically the last.
  • In Final Destination 5, cell-phone addict Dennis carries around an older, clunky model. This troper remembers thinking it was strange, until we realize the movie is a prequel and that's the kind of cellphones they had back then.
    • This troper went in knowing it was a prequel, but found the subtle musical hattips in the opening scene pretty great. When the hell else but 2000 would someone have compared a girl to Lisa Loeb?
    • Another subtle hint: "I see dead people". The Sixth Sense had come out in theaters barely a year prior to the events of the fifth Final Destination movie. Nowadays, that joke has been done to death.
    • It's also very smart how they try to hide it on at least one occasion. Before September 2001, who would have thought of terrorism as the cause of that bridge collapsing?
  • An example that fits both Fridge Brilliance and Horror, at the end of Final Destination 5. Peter kills Agent Block, Sam kills Peter, then he and Molly die in the plane's explosion. This technically means that Sam got Peter's years; yet, Peter had taken his years from the policeman. Which means that the policeman had only two weeks to live. Peter killing him was proven nearly useless, since he only gained two weeks. But he didn't know. And neither did Sam...
  • Jonathan Grove dies in the fourth movie's vision because he's crushed against a concrete pylon by a flying wreck. He'd been asked to move to a new seat because his cowboy hat was blocking peoples' view. It was no coincidence that this placed him in such a dangerous spot: he'd chosen that spot to sit because the pylon was there, meaning no one was seated directly behind him and his hat couldn't obstruct anyone else's view. Death by politeness!
  • I just figured out one weird detail in the opening disaster of 2. In the premonition, the last girl due to go squish finds herself pinned by the wreckage of her car as she sees the grille of a big rig come barreling out of a wall of fire at her. At first I thought, okay, somehow this thing either jackknifed, or it's riding the force of all the other cars exploding behind it, or maybe both, but this isn't the case. That was the same truck that took out the van with all her friends after saving a bunch of the would-be victims. It wasn't exactly caught up in the explosions or jackknifed or anything - it just couldn't stop in time.
  • It would make sense that the deaths in Final Destination 5 were toned down a bit. The movie takes place before any of the other Final Destination movies, when Sequel Escalation caused the deaths to go Up to Eleven.

Fridge Horror
  • Final Destination 5: This is just a prequel. Yet Bludworth stated that he has seen the events in the film happen before. Think about it.
    • Who knows? Maybe HE lived such a thing and managed to get out of it... it would also explain how he knows about the trick of "killing someone to gain their years." But unlike Sam and Nathan, he may have killed someone who still had a long time to live. His age is never explicitly stated, and he does look in his fifties, maybe he's even older than that. Could he have killed an infant? Cue total horror.
  • The Final Destination: All those people in the movie theatre and in the mall who would have died if Nick hadn't saved them? They are all on Death's List now.
    • That point is usually explained by that all being part of death's overarching plan, as in death gave him the visions not whatever other force is supposed to be at work". this is partially explained in the end when they are in death by caffeine and they get killed by the truck".
    • Samantha's two young sons watched her die. To make it worse, they were the indirect cause of her death. Can you say "therapy for life"?

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