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* ''NightmareFuel/FinalDestination1''
* ''NightmareFuel/FinalDestination2''
* ''NightmareFuel/FinalDestination3''
* ''NightmareFuel/FinalDestination4''
* ''NightmareFuel/FinalDestination5''

* The entire concept is bad enough. (Oh, you managed to avoid dying? Fine. Now your death will be several times more horrifying, painful, or both.) Then there are some of the deaths themselves, and [[YouCantFightFate the movies' premise]]. Specifically, the opening disaster scenes, which prey on our everyday fears (flying, driving, roller coasters, race tracks, and now crossing bridges).
* Bludworth himself seems to be nightmare fuel for various reasons: 1. He is played by The Candyman himself Tony Todd. 2. He knows more about death more than anyone else. 3. This is the big one: He may as well be the reaper himself and only gives the protagonists cryptic advice because he took pity on them. The other characters on the list were either already dead or too busy to talk to him.
* There's essentially little to no "free will" in the ''Final Destination'' universe as everything that happens to you was and is planned by Death from the beginning.
* The extremely graphic depiction of the accidents at the start of the films definitely qualify. Have a fear of flying? Seeing someone's seat torn out of the airplane won't help. Afraid of roller coasters? Watching the premonition from Final Destination 3 will make sure that you never set foot in an amusement park again.
* If fate is so important, how come Death just arbitrarily gives up and skips over certain people? Well, Death didn't give up on getting you. Death just decided to be patient. [[TheProblemWithFightingDeath Death can be, because no one escapes in the end.]]