Trivia / Excel Saga

  • Cross-Dressing Voices: In the English dub, Tiffany Grant plays Sandora, a boy.
  • Cut Song: Two pieces of BGM were scored for the show but never used: "Although I Didn't Get Any Request For This, I Happened to Make It, So Please Use It." and "Will I Ever Use This?" Both pieces were included on the second CD soundtrack, however.
  • The Danza: The anime stars two Excel and Hyatt lookalikes named Kobayashi and Mikako, who are played by Yumiko Kobayashi and Mikako Takahashi. Also, Nabeshin.
  • Defictionalization: Puni Puni Poemi Only existed as a fictional Show Within a Show until a 2 episode OVA was made later. Doubles as a Spiritual Successor.
    • Also, according to her Facebook, Jessica Calvello has a dog that she named Menchi, after the dog Excel keeps as an emegency ration.
  • Feelies: Each DVD volume except the first came with a feelie, in order: a poster, a sumo game, a make a face game, a board game, and a special postcard.
  • Mutually Fictional: Just as Puni Puni Poemi is a show in the Excel Saga universe, Excel Saga is a show within the Puni Puni Poemi universe.
  • The Other Darrin: The voice of Excel was so impossible to control, original VA Jessica Calvello lost her voice during recording. You could even hear her voice breaking in the first episode. This is why Larissa Walcott replaced her in episodes 14-26. Even after being released from recording, Calvello was sidelined for a few years, and wouldn't work in another Texas based dub until 2013.
  • Relationship Voice Actor: Jessica Calvello (Excel in the first 13 episodes) and Monica Rial (Hyatt) would late co-star with each other 12 years later in the English dub re-release of Maria†Holic.
  • Star-Making Role: Excel for Jessica Calvello (also was somewhat of a Star-Derailing Role for her until 2013), Hyatt for Monica Rial, and Lord Il Palazzo for Jason Douglas.
  • Too Soon: Invoked. The Japanese television networks refused to air episode 26 – as per the director's intention – and one of the many reasons for this was that one of the first gags in it is a joke about the Sarin nerve gas attacks in the Tokyo subways just four years before. Firmly steeped into Canon Discontinuity, as the anime ended definitively at 25.

  • ADV Films dubbed and initially had the license for the series back in 2002. FUNimation rescued it and re-released it in 2011. Strangely, they did not rescue Puni Puni Poemi, even though there are a lot of extras involving it in the DVD release that Funimation kept.
  • This is one of the earliest anime shows to utilize digital coloring over hand-painted cels. This is noted on in Episode 17 ("Animation USA"), in which one of the secondary characters is tasked with a job of hand-painting animation cels to be sold on the black market.