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Trivia: Elementary
  • Acting for Two: Natalie Dormer effectively has to play three different characters: Irene Adler in flashbacks, Irene Adler in the present with PTSD, and Moriarty. Of course, the former two don't actually exist.
  • Actor Allusion:
    • Joan's brother in "The Leviathan" is called Oren, named after Lucy Liu's character O-Ren Ishii of Kill Bill.
    • Moran is a big Arsenal fan; Vinnie Jones used to be a professional footballer. Holmes' disdain for this could also be a nod to the fact that Jonny Lee Miller supports Chelsea, Arsenal's long-time rival.
    • In "Snow Angels", Sherlock sarcastically says that his companion "holds several black belts" to a security guard wielding a knife, a reference to Lucy Liu's talents in martial arts.
    • In "Dead Man's Switch" Sherlock says to Gregson "You have daughters, do you not." The writers' Twitter feed state that it was a nod to Aidan Quinn, who has two daughters.
    • Again in "Dead Man's Switch" we have a blackmailer called Henry 8, referencing Henry VIII of England. Natalie Dormer, who plays Irene Adler, had her first major role in television as Anne Boleyn, the second Henry VIII spouse in The Tudors.
    • In "All In The Family" we learn that Joan Watson was born and raised in Queens, NYC. Lucy Liu too.
    • "The Many Mouths of Aaron Colville" is not the first time we've seen Jonny Lee Miller in a prom dress.
    • Sherlock, just like his actor, is a major fan of football.
  • Actor-Shared Background: In "All in the Family" we learn that Joan Watson grew up in Queens, NYC. Lucy Liu too.
  • Directed by Cast Member: "Paint It Black" was directed by Lucy Liu.
  • Dueling Shows: With The BBC's Sherlock. This show is closer to this trope rather than a Trans Atlantic Equivalent. It's debatable, really, considering the two shows air in different countries at different times.
    • Fandom Rivalry is more accurate. The shows themselves are hardly competing financially, but fans of each respective show continue to argue over which is better, despite the fact that the shows, while sharing a similar premise, are vastly different; Elementary is more of a procedural, while Sherlock is more of a mystery drama. This hasn't been helped much by Steven Moffat and other Sherlock alumni sharing their less than shining opinions of Elementary.
    • It doesn't help that CBS asked BBC for the right to create a US remake of Sherlock and were turned down (Sherlock was doing very well on BBC America). They then announced that they would be making Elementary. It's understandable that some felt that CBS were making an American Expy with just enough differences that BBC couldn't call foul.
  • Fake American: Sherlock occasionally does this while trying to obtain certain details, like the locations of persons of interest. Jonny Lee Miller's accent is surprisingly flawless... but then, anyone who saw Eli Stone or watched the fifth season of Dexter would already know this.
    • Hackers as well, for that matter.
  • Fake Nationality: The serial killer in "Lesser Evils", a Ukrainian immigrant, is played by an American actor with a bad accent.
    • Kurt Yoder in "Paint it Black" is Swiss and played by American actor Gale Bertram.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!:
    • O-Ren Ishii has given up being the leader of the Yakuza and decided to become a sober companion and later, consulting detective.
    • From "Lesser Evils": In other news, Daniel Hardman is still an asshole.
    • Also, Eli Stone apparently got a new mission from God: Adopt a British accent and work as a consulting detective in New York.
      • Zero Cool/Crash Override must have gotten in trouble again Hacking The Planet, he's taken on a whole new identity.
      • Apparently Alex Munday left the Townsend Detective Agency to become a doctor. After that, she quit, and is now Sherlock's sober living companion and sidekick.
    • Adam Kemper previously was a member of Sex Bob-omb.
    • Keith Szarabajka may or may not have been falsely convicted of murder in "One Way to Get Off".
    • Lisa Cuddy being attracted to Holmes shouldn't be much of a surprise, given her relationship with another American Sherlock expy.
      • Edelstein previously played a call girl in The West Wing. The timeline fits surprisingly well for her character here and there to be the same.
    • Looks like Nathan Ford's ex-wife Maggie had a big change of career, and Took a Level in Jerkass as well.
      • Alternatively, Joan Campbell got fired from the CIA and is now an FBI profiler.
    • Jonathan/Batiatus is Sherlock's former drug dealer.
    • Sherlock picks the Rev. Darnell Potter as his sponsor.
    • It's not the first time Carmelita was the mistress to wealthy men. Incidentally, Candis Cayne and Lucy Liu had previously worked on Dirty Sexy Money together.
    • Hey, it looks like Jill Kelly left the Hamptons and became a killer thief.
    • Salieri is a particularly clever Serial Killer Psycho for Hire in Moriarty's employ.
    • Margaery Tyrell seems to have dropped the idea of becoming Joffrey's wife and instead became Holmes' lover back in London. And at some point between the two, she became a criminal mastermind.
    • Imhotep has taken up smuggling.
    • Shea is Marcus Bell's brother.
    • Elementary's version of Mycroft is The Lizard.
    • Tiana is now a surgeon.
    • If you're a fan of Broadway, you'll notice quite a few familiar faces including:
    • Gale Bertram is now head of security for a Swiss bank.
    • Harry Crane likes to do math shirtless.
  • I Knew It: That in the episode "M.", the "M." wouldn't stand for "Moriarty" but "Moran".
    • Sherlock knew that Joan stayed on, despite his father's orders.
    • Let's face it, how many people truly believed that Irene was dead?
    • Many were also screaming called it at Irene being Moriarty.
  • Internet Backlash: It was attacked quite viciously by a portion of the Sherlock fandom.
  • The Wiki Rule:
  • Throw It In: The bit in "Snow Angels" where Holmes gives some cash to the homeless vet, advising him to find a hotel to stay in during the blizzard, was improvised by Jonny Lee Miller.

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