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Trivia: Bryan Danielson
  • Accidentally Accurate: His reason for not calling his finisher the LeBell Lock: "Who did Gene LeBell ever beat anyway?" As a pro wrestler, no one really. While LeBell is one of the toughest men alive and revered as a martial artist and as a trainer, he was a preliminary worker during his pro wrestling career.
  • Executive Meddling:
    • His firing following The Nexus invasion. Daniel had at one point choked ring announcer Justin Roberts with his tie. Some of WWE's sponsors threatened to leave because of the incident so Bryan Danielson was let go to placate them, but with a 90 days no compete clause he couldn't go to any other big promotion. He continued to work on the independence scene anyway while the WWE kept an eye on him and rehired him in time for SummerSlam where Daniel Bryan became the final member of Cena's team.
    • The 18-second loss at WrestleMania XXVIII seems to be a subversion of this. The loss was apparently designed both to break a WWE record on shortest WrestleMania match and to give his opponent, Sheamus, a big push. However, Bryan's growing popularity and further attempts to solidify him as a heel seems to have led to exponential pushes for both his (ex)-girlfriend, A.J., and for himself. While Sheamus has had a good title run, his prominence and importance to WWE storylines and audience is comparatively small to his WrestleMania "victims".
    • When the "YES!" chants started to catch on with the crowd, the WWE attempted to spin it as fans mocking Bryan's tendency to do it, in order to keep him as a heel. Subverted, as even with Bryan doing heelish actions and starting the alternate "NO!" chants in response to the fans, he eventually slipped into a tweener role (closer to a face) once he began teaming with Kane.
  • One of Us He may not watch television but he was featured on the website Hot Nerds Reading Comics.
  • Romance on the Set: He dated Brie Bella for two years, and they got engaged in September 2013, and got married on April 11th, 2014.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Both Danielson and longtime ROH nemesis Nigel McGuinness were believed to have both signed with WWE, leaving many to wonder how well the two would do in the company. Then it was discovered that Nigel, in fact, hadn't signed with WWE, but instead had signed with TNA (eventually debuting there as Desmond Wolfe).
      • Nigel/Desmond has disappeared from TNA television entire due to health issues, the same health issues that cause WWE management to pass on him in the first place. Now imagine Nigel on the WWE road schedule and it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out what would have been.
    • How the Nexus angle would have been handled if Danielson had been able to stay around. Out of all of the rookies, he had the biggest issues with WWE management. Combine this with the fact that can cut some pretty good heel promos, and the fact that he's one of the best pure wrestlers in the world today, and the entire angle could have gone very, very differently.
    • Bryan claimed that he would cash in the MITB contract at Wrestlemania 28, but the plans changed to TLC 2011 due to Mark Henry's injuries. It could be debated how popular Bryan would be with the fans or even if he would have a successful cash-in if the original plan had gone through.
    • Gail Kim was the third choice of being his secret girlfriend, when the Bellas was fighting over him. The first two? Sara Del Rey and Kharma! They went with Gail cause she was already on the roster.
    • As incredible as Daniel Bryan being double booked on Wrestlemania 30 and coming out on top with the WWE World Title is, it is easy to forget that at the start of 2014, his WM moment did not involve either component. If there is truth to the dirtsheet rumors, he was supposed to stay with the Wyatt Family to Wrestlemania and may have been set to face Sheamus again for a third time. Presumably, this would have been a catalyst to John Cena feuding with Bray Wyatt and to restart Sheamus's momentum after being out with an injury for months (and assuming past history, it might have ended in a Bryan loss again). However, fan support for Bryan escalating to new levels, Batista's terrible reception after his RR and EC performances, and CM Punk's abrupt departure from the company led to perhaps the most logical and seemlessly fitting audible ever getting called.

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