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Heartwarming: Bryan Danielson
  • How did Miami react to Bryan's 18-second WrestleMania 28 loss? By chanting his name and YES! throughout the rest of the first hour and for nearly every segment and match on the following RAW. Daniel Bryan thanked the crowd after the show and joked that they convinced WWE to make a YES! shirt. By week's end, WWE had indeed released a shirt that read YES! YES! YES!
  • Even if it'll probably turn out to be some kind of ploy, it's hard to deny D-Bry proposing to AJ on the Raw after Money In The Bank was pretty damn sweet. See it here.
  • DBD recently visited Connor, a child with brain cancer, and let the little guy put him in the No Lock. In the fine tradition of WWE Make-A-Wish visits, this one really struck this troper as adorable, because DBD is still in his full arrogant semi-heel character, tapping out to a 7 year-old.
    • When WWE returned to Pittsburgh some months later, Bryan made a point to seek out his young friend who was in the crowd that night.
    • At Wrestlemania XXX, Connor was in the front row as Bryan won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. One of the first things that Bryan does after winning the belts is climb out of the ring and give Connor a hug while thanking him for all of his support and urging him to keep fighting.
  • When Daniel Bryan won the WWE Championship from John Cena, he did via pinfall rather than submission. The move that he used to keep Cena down long enough for the 3-count? A jumping variant of the Knee Trembler, the finisher of his mentor William Regal.
    • Actually, the move is a Busaiku Knee, a trademark move of Japanese wrestler KENTA, with whom Bryan is good friends (and who uses the YES Lock in tribute to Bryan).
    • Also, according to, after Summerslam went off the air fans started chanting "NO!" and "BUILLSHIT" in response to Bryan losing the title. That really says something about the popularity of a wrestler when losing the title makes the crowd turn on Randy Orton.
  • On the December 9th episode of Raw, Bryan is down in the ring with about twenty other former WWE Champions and World Heavyweight Champions to be a part of the ascension ceremony to build up towards the TLC 2013 match between John Cena and Randy Orton for the Undisputed Championship. Triple H is about to begin his speech to build up the PPV's main event, when the crowd starts chanting for Daniel Bryan, who, bear in mind, is in the ring as a background character with no involvement in the current segment. The crowd cheers for him so loudly that the segment is completely disrupted and Triple H has to stay quiet with visible annoyance until the crowd dies down, which doesn't happen for several minutes (he knows full well he can't tell the crowd to quiet down; that's just asking for trouble ). This ring has people like CM Punk, Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, Triple H, Mick Foley, Big Show, and Rey Mysterio, a who's who of wrestling greats both past and present, and the crowd only has eyes for Daniel Bryan. The other part to this scene is Daniel Bryan's reaction. He gets the biggest smile on his face and starts laughing. He looked like he was having the time of his life up there. Even some of the people standing in the ring seem to be enjoying it. Mark Henry is shown smiling and even raises Bryan's hand, and The Miz briefly starts laughing, despite the fact that he had very recently turned heel (although the turn was in the midst of being aborted).
    • Worth noting is that the show took place on one of WWE's rare trips to Seattle, which is a stone's throw away from Bryan's billed hometown. He has also earlier in the show got a Cheap Pop by cheering on the Seattle Seahawks, who were at the time in the playoffs during their best season in franchise history. A rabid fanbase proceeded to make Seahawks-related chants for the next half hour and the end result was a perfect storm where Bryan's popularity somehow peaked from massively over to cult-like devotion for the remainder of the show.
  • Even thought it was obviously a work, it was still difficult not to be smiling when dozens of Daniel Bryan's fans swarmed the ring on March 10th and refuse to leave until Daniel Bryan gets the chance at the Wrestlemania main event he deserves. The sheer amount of support Bryan received over the past four years is staggering.
  • After finally prevailing over the Authority at Wrestlemania 30 and winning the WWE World Heavyweight championship back, Bryan's sister and niece come out to the ring to celebrate with him.
    • On the second part of Bryan's appearance of Chris Jericho's Talk is Jericho podcast, Bryan said that his niece doesn't really understand the scale of WrestleMania or the WWE Universe's support of her Uncle, and referred to the celebration as "Uncle Bryan's party with his friends" & was completely nonplussed about the arena cheering for him and wearing his t-shirts, with her reaction being along the lines of "Well, of course everyone cheers for him & wears his t-shirt. He's my Uncle Bryan, who else are they going to cheer for?"
  • On the 4/7/2014 Raw, while doing a promo after winning the championship at Wrestlemania, the crowd began a "You deserve it" chant.
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