Heartwarming: Michael Cole

  • Overlapping with Tear Jerker, his reaction to Jerry Lawler's near-fatal heart attack on the set of the 9/10/2012 RAW. Cole looked close to tears himself as he explained what had happened - and, out of respect for Lawler, he remained silent on commentary for the rest of the show.
    • Subsequently, his demeanor on the following week's RAW. In the ensuing week Lawler had survived and recuperated enough to be sent back home to Memphis note . Cole appeared at the intro of RAW, all smiles and wearing a Graphic T-Shirt that simply said, "Long Live The King." JBL and Jim Ross joined him on commentary, and (contrary to Cole's character for much of his announcer tenure) he and JR were on friendly terms throughout the show.
    • Then when Lawler returned to RAW two months later, a brief look between Cole and him, followed by a sincere hug, solidifying Cole's Heel-Face Turn.
  • In an odd way, Cole cheering Daniel Bryan on at his historic victory at Wrestlemania 30 can count as a way of making up for all the times he ragged on Bryan during his heel run.
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