Trivia / Alias

  • The Cast Showoff: Kevin Weisman is a talented drummer, and demonstrated it in Marshall's proposal to Carrie.
  • The Danza: Michael Vaughn (played by Michael Vartan) and Rachel Gibson (Rachel Nichols).
  • Directed by Cast Member: Jennifer Garner called the shots on "In Dreams...".
  • Fake Nationality: Julian Sark is initially believed to be British because of his accent, although Marshal deduces that his accent is actually Irish-influenced British. It's eventually discovered that Sark is Russian born, but was educated in the UK and spent a lot of time in Ireland. His real nationality is never confirmed, but other characters assume he's British on several occasions. The actor playing him is American and in one episode, when Sark fakes being American, the actor gets to use his real, very broad, American accent.
  • Fake Russian:
    • None of the actresses playing the Derevko sisters are Russian: Lena Olin (Irina) is Swedish, Isabella Rossellini (Katya) is Italian, and Sonia Braga (Elena) is Brazilian.
    • Gina Torres, who plays half-Russian, half-Spanish Anna Espinosa, is neither Russian nor Spanish. She's half Cuban, half African-American.
  • Star-Making Role: For Jennifer Garner.
  • What Could Have Been: Roger Moore's role as Edward Poole was originally planned to be recurring, but Moore and the producers couldn't agree on his salary so the character was killed offscreen a couple episodes after his first appearance.