Funny / Alias

For the TV series Alias:

  • Will's screaming reaction in "Rendezvous" after Sydney, dressed in a sexy cabaret singer outfit, knocks out the guards that are holding him captive. This is the first time he's ever seen her do this... and the first time he learns she's a spy.
  • Just about any scene involving Marshall.
    • When he has to go into the field with Sydney, Marshall adopts the most atrocious British accent imaginable.
  • Rachel and Sark have to deal with finding out who the other is after their one-night stand.
  • Sydney and Michael are at a club, teasing each other on how they both "like it rough". Sydney then suddenly wonders if they're still on comms.
    Jack: Yes, you're still on comms! Right now!
  • Jack going into the field as a blue collar, goombah-accented repairman.

For the comic book series Alias: