Tear Jerker / RosenkreuzStilette

What would a good story be without some moments that makes players break out the box of Kleenex. RosenkreuzStilette certainly has its moments to make those with nerves of steel shed crocodile tears.

WARNING! Story and character spoilers below!
  • While crossing into heartwarming territory, the exchange between Spiritia's exchange with Freudia upon defeating her in the first game will likely be a very touchy moment.
    • Similarly, the exchange between Grolla and Sichte that follows after their fight in Rosenkreuzstilette Grollschwert.
    • And the music that plays in both scenes is "Love Letter of the Stardust" by Unlimited Hellest, complete with piano. It fits both of those sad scenes perfectly.
  • Grolla's eulogy to her grandfather Raimund after laying him to rest herself, it makes feel sorry for her:
    "Master... I can hear Grollschwert's voice. I shall carry the pride of the Seyfarth clan with me, so please, rest in peace. Grandfather... ... Michael Zeppelin... your reasons mean nothing to me. There will be no mercy. You shall pay for this with your life."
    • Spiritia laying Raimund back to rest in her own story is just as sad, even though the dialogue is shorter.
    • Pamela being forced to fight against her own colleagues in her own side-game after having gotten back from defeating the members of RKS.
  • The conversation between Freudia and Eifer that follows after the Dark Devil's defeat. Doubles as Nightmare Fuel, especially with Eifer's Tears of Blood.