Awesome / RosenkreuzStilette

Considering this series is very engaging in its own right, it deserves some crowning moments of awesome.

  • Destroying the Demon's Wall counts, as it takes everything Nintendo Hard about the Mecha Dragon and makes it even tougher with a sizable health bar, flimsy platforms you must jump across to avoid its attacks without falling to your doom, and continue to land solid attacks at the eye in its center. Especially as Grolla who gets a nice Badass Boast before the fight.
    Grolla: You plan on running me down? Show me your worst! There is nothing my blade cannot cut!
  • Again as Grolla, the replacement boss for her stage is Spiritia, who does not waste any expense in using her weapons to the fullest. Having the two go head-to-head with a smart AI that thinks strategically is one hell of a battle.
  • Freudia stopping Iris from killing Spiritia when she's been thrashed to the point where she can't even stand up, Proto Man style.
    • Also, Spiritia defeating Iris at the very final battle. Immediately segues into Heartwarming when Talos saves her.
  • Freudenstachel gives us what could be the crowning moment of the series: Freudia killing Iris by freezing her solid. And please take note that Freudia didn't have the luxury that Spiritia had: Being a part of Rosenkreuz' incarnations. She basically lays a more permanent end to a being with godlike power when she's just an exceptionally powerful magi.